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2:11:12 PM

Very clever Anna!
Anna Wolenski

4:16:45 PM

Hi all,

The other day I figured out a new technique to peel hard-boiled eggs. I had gotten the idea from something I saw on Amazon, but didn't want to spend the money, thinking that it might not work. So the last time that I boiled some eggs I was wishing I had that tool from Amazon. So then the idea struck me to try using a spoon and was so happy when it actually worked!! So I had my husband video tape me using this technique so that I could post it on Youtube and then put the link to the video in my post. Of course I thought I was a GENIUS for thinking of this technique until I went to find my video on Youtube and saw that there were already a bazillion videos on how to peels eggs with a spoon. A little of my excitement diminished at this point.

Nevertheless, here's the link to the video: I hope I have at least helped someone with this technique.

God Bless,

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