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4:32:31 PM

Hello Karen

Oh..how I love the search engine!!! Yes. I. DO!

I have been having enormous amounts of trouble with those Thymic pills.

On another thread, I stated that I split them into 4's, and then re-capsule them....It was going good, and then I just could not handle all of the capsules anymore....just could not!! So, what to do?

Got on the search engine and found your post! AND I just so happen to have a cute little coffee grinder....If I have to, I will smash all of them!

Like you, I have no other problems with any of the other pills....but, it has indeed been a test of wills with this HUGE yellow, orange monster...So glad it just isn't me.....

Now, away to my kitchen, and I thank you for posting!!


2:11:12 PM

Very clever Anna!

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