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freddie bean

9:48:43 AM


I cannot really add too much more to what Chrissie and Linda have said other than I am so very grateful to all the people that donate each month to the foundation.

To those who are fighting toxic disease as we the recipients are, we give our gratitude, thanks and love.

To those who restored their health and gone on with their lives, your willingness to pay it forward is a Godsend.

You have given HOPE and Life to many who might not have lived. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.

9:06:13 AM
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This month Mel thought it would be nice to thank the different folks that today support the HCAF with regularity.

As you can see in the post below Chrissie explains the different components that today represent the foundation funding.

I spoke with the girls and we all feel just about the same way.

Logos Nutritionals, was part of the reason that Mel is still with us and to this day Mel stays on the basic wellness protocol himself.

Owner John Burgstiner and Mel have worked together since 2006, when John assisted Mel in his recovery.

After Mel's car accident in 2013, Mel was no longer able to work his part time jobs to fund the HCAF. When Mel's money ran out in late 2014, he approached John about monthly contributions from Logos and they then began shortly after.

And then there's our beloved Cathee, owner of Natural Ginesis, whom when he approached a few months later, without hesitation she said SURE!

Cathee as we all know has been helping toxic disease sufferers for over two decades. Her products such as Kleen Green™, all the components of the toxic disease starter kit and so many other helpful products.

To you both we can never say thank you enough, with everlasting gratitude we rejoice in your kindness. Thanks again and again, because were it not for you and Mel, we might not be alive.

God Bless You Both,
Linda / Speaking for all

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