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12:18:32 PM

Dear Kanika,

It is great to hear your news about your health!!!
Lovely to hear your symptoms have improved a lot in the last six months, so much so that you have been able to socialise with friends :-). I know how important that was for you and how great it felt to be able to do it too!!!

It's great that the psychiatrist and also the Chinese herbalist both see MD as a real illness. Very interesting that the Chinese medical system sees it as a condition of Wei, causing atrophy . I have always really liked the Chinese medical way of thinking, I find it way much more holistic than conventional Western medicine that's for sure!!

It is admirable that the woman on you tube re, 'Managing Morgellons,' is trying to bring awareness of this disease and get help re the CDC. Personally I feel however, that the CDC will continue not to be helpful regards Morgellons. I don't know if we will be vindicated and fully acknowledged, or the proper research be undertaken re Morgellons in our lifetime. I do think there would need to be an awful lot more money and time and effort put into research than there has been. There's a huge cover up regards chronic Lyme itself, let alone Morgellons. So, that's why I really like the ethos of Mels group,that we don't focus on exactly what this is in entirety , especially the weirdness. But we just focus on healing our bioterrain, regaining immunity and recovering our wellness:-).

Thanks for letting us know how you are doing and take good care of yourself!!

Rockin Robin

8:02:02 PM

Dear Kanika,

Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. I have been a little overwhelmed with several issues lately (health & home).

I was amazed at your talks with both the psychiatrist with OCD and the Chinese herbalist. WOW!! You go girl and please share information, if you would!! You are a brave soul and how wonderful your research is to all of us!

I have followed a guy on YouTube and watched some of his videos, they are informative and very interesting and he is a fellow sufferer. It has been a while, don't recall his name. Believe it was "Managing Morgellons"!!

I am so happy for you and that you are doing so well. I know it must feel great to start resuming normal life again. Sometime, let the newbies know what you have done that is leading to your recovery. The reinforcement is so helpful !!
And, I am interested in your story!!

The picture of the flowers is so...beautiful, breathtaking!! Holland will have to be on my bucket list !!

Love & Hugs
Rockin Robin
Loved hearing from you!

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