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12:52:32 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

As we continue to experience tremendous growth, it has become necessary to expand my coaching hours to accommodate this growth.

These are the NEW times that I am available:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
5am until 11am (Pacific)

Friday 4pm to 6pm (Pacific) which is Saturday
morning in Australia 11am to 1pm

Saturday 5am until 9am (Pacific).

As you can see, I have added six additional hours a week to my coaching schedule.

The prices remain the same.

The most cost effective part of your of coaching, is that you can choose when to use it!

Over 96% of those who have had coaching, restored their health.

I Look forward to talking with you soon.

God bless you all,

Those who did not give up HOPE, got well.

8:36:12 AM

Good Morning everyone and Welcome,

This snowy Morning ?

As it has been since I started the website on holidays I make myself available to those who wish to talk; So

Thursday 6 AM till 1 PM PDT.
Friday 6 AM till 1 PM PDT.
Saturday 6 AM till 9 AM PDT.
Sunday 6 AM till 10 AM PDT PRAYER @ 11 AM PDT.

Back to our normal schedule next week.


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