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Miles **

11:21:39 PM
An effective treatment for troublesome areas

Howdy. Been awhile.

I waited days before deciding to post this. I wanted to make absolute sure that there was an undeniable difference.

I stumbled on this by mistake to be honest. I use lugol's 5% iodine solution if I see a sore beginning to appear. For 2 reasons... the first is sterilization of the area. The 2nd reason, is because anyone that lives in the Midwest is more than likely iodine deficient due to lack of seafood in our diets. You can research the how or why if you want. I'll post a quick link at the bottom to the first google article that popped up. Anyhow.. the lugol's (very short term) would make the area itch from drying it out I suppose. So that night, I grabbed a tube of Benadryl cream (not gel) and rubbed it in the same areas that I applied the lugol's solution to. About 30 minutes later and I rubbed one of the spots, not even thinking about it. I had a brief moment of shock. I'll spare everyone the details of the reaction, it's irrelevant. Lugol's isn't needed for the reaction to happen fyi. After the initial shock of what happened.. I gently rubbed the other areas and watched the same happen. The next day.. there was a very, very noticeable difference. Literally overnight healing happened. My very first thought was to come post here so other people could potentially benefit from this. I waited. I wanted to make sure this was a consistent action and reaction. Well... it is. There are areas of my body that haven't looked this good or clear (still looks like shit relative to a normal person) in a long time.

It's working for me as a treatment. Definitely not a cure.

I hope you're all doing well, and that maybe... this can help someone else.

All the best,


The thymic formula does have iodine in it, just fyi. But again.. I used lugol's for several reasons. As stated, here is a quick article.,cannot%20make%20enough%20thyroid%20hormone.

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