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10:55:33 PM


I couldn’t agree with more with Tracy! You’re great to this community, but your wellbeing is soo important to you, and that comes first!

Be sure to take advantage of your Mel time with whatever helps you, but make time for rest! I’m so thankful we have this site for research, communication and all the recorded calls!

Mel, you are the Iron man of this community.... (Did you know that Iron is actually helpful for our bodies immune system? Fun Fact :-) So take care of you!!!!


4:53:34 PM

Dear Mel,

I can not express enough gratitude I have for your dedication to all of us here! I don't know how you do what you do!!

I am sure everyone here will be supporting your decision for the extra day off! It is so important to take care of yourself, get the needed gym time, fishing when you can and most important, renewing of the Spirit!!

You are loved and cared about here!

Praying always for you...
In His love, Tracy

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