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A New Warrior From MA!

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10:48:16 AM

Hello Ellen,

This is Paula from Okla City, I was just wondering about complete healing, what does that look like?

I have been on the protocol for 7 months and I feel so much better.

I would just like to talk with you either email, skype, text or whatever would be possible for us to chat. Please let me know either way, I totally understand if its not possible. I know you might be busy, I am also busy.

love always, Paula

8:11:11 AM

Is there anyway possible that I could speak to you on the phone? it has been since August that I discovered this on/in my body and I would like to start treatment.

If I could speak to someone about this it would be greatly helpful.

Mel has my contact information, I too am from Massachusetts.

Thank you very much,


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