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6:47:32 AM

Morgellons -

Hello All,

Thanks for the info!

So thankful John stays on top of everything also!

We really have some great people helping us out! We never get to old to learn.

Keep praying for us and update anything that we can find helpful!

God Bless

8:36:53 AM

Morgellons -

Hello All ,

I wanted to say thank you Peter for the research you do consistently to help all of us in our recovery process , thank you for the information on astragalus .

I have a question if you have any insight on this subject or not , it's my understanding that there may be nutrients that are said to break of bone spurs and treat calcification in the body , some says certain nutrients and do this but others are skeptical about anything actually working .

You don't have to go to any trouble to find out , I was wondering if you have already any suggestions as this is a problem for many ..

Thanks again Peter for all you do for everyone In this community .

Blessings to you ..

John Burgstiner
8:11:54 AM

Morgellons -

Thank you Peter!

Yes astragulus is one of my favorite adaptogenic herbs. We also use it in our Adrenopure and Complete Thymic Formula because unlike many Chinese medicinal herbs, Astragulus is considered safe for long term use.

Blessings to all!


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