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Attention Newbies: Skin Treatments

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Rockin Robin
10:11:24 PM

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Hello New Members,

Here are some skin treatments that might help with skin irritations, sores, pink bumps, the see improvement feeling of irritation or itching etc...

Simple Solutions: Apply
1. Kleen Green
2. WPS (diluted solution)
3. Sovereign Silver Liquid
4. Sovereign Silver Gel
5. Cortizone 10 (Intense Healing Formula)
6. Sulfur Cream or Ointment
7. Coconut Oil

All of these are good, some may work better than others for you!

More Complex Treatments:

1. The Hallelujah Treatment - Spray the Diluted WPS Solution ( 1 oz. WPS to 1 oz. water, this is what you go by...3 oz. WPS to 3 oz. water) Spray area wait til it dries. Then spray Kleen Green ( 1 oz. to 7 oz. water is the norm, 4 oz. to a 28 oz. spray bottle ) However this was too strong for me, so I use 2 to 3 oz. in a 28 oz. spray bottle. Let dry, then apply stevia mixed with some water. I use organic stevia extract packages that you can get at most grocery stores. It is a lot cheaper than the liquid Stevia Clear. I save the Stevia Clear for food and eating and drinking. Do this maybe twice a day for a couple of days, you should see improvement!

2. Robin and Tea's Magic Formula using essential oils - in a small condiment bowl mix 4 drops tea tree oil, 2 drops clove, and 4 drops peppermint oil, add half a small package of stevia and about 1 T. of Sovereign Silver Gel and 2 or 3 T. of Sovereign Silver liquid. Stir well and dissolve and mix. Enough for several applications. This helped tremendously around my hairline and neck for breakout buimps,.2 days applying this and they would disappear. If you don't have the SS Gel, just use all SS liquid.

3. Leg and Foot Soaks/Body Soaks - Look in the Forum for this post - " Newbies Essential Oils For Your Skin", Tea explains how to Use essential oils and other products for body treatments.

Remember everyone is different, so you can always weaken or strengthen solutions, but always use caution so you don't harm yourself! Hop these help!

Love & Hugs,
Your Sister In Christ,
Rockin Robin