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Mel **

9:44:25 AM
Coaching Details Clarified - Please Read

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

As we all know, one on one coaching can be a game changer. Having a personal coach can be the difference between making mistakes and losing time and getting the details tightened up to get on a faster path to the finish line.

I'm here for you - I'm your coach! In order to best serve you, I decided to post coaching guidelines. I've realized some of these guidelines have been a little unclear, so here's a bullet point list to sharpen up the details.

* Check the one on one coaching icon for price packages

* Coaching will be delivered after payment is received, and I will keep track of your minutes.

* Once your minutes have been used, you will need to buy another package before receiving further coaching.

* I will tell you your minutes used and minutes left on each phone call.

* If you cannot pay, please fill out the forms on my other website hecuresall.org help section. I will take a certain number of pro bono sessions, but please be aware that I am a one man show. If I do most or all my coaching for free, I won't be able to pay my bills, and I won't be able to continue with this site.

* Thank you for being respectful of my time and budget constraints. In return, I will endeavor to give you the most value for your coaching minutes by focusing only on your needs and answering your specific questions.