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8:48:32 AM

Morgellons -

Ya’ll are most welcome & thank you for your sweet words, I appreciate it!

Linda that great that you have one and I can’t wait to try your chicken idea, it sounds so yummy. Chrissie I know you will love it! Right now I’m going thru a brussel sprout phase, but the broccoli is really good too! We need to share some new ideas in the delicious dining for air fryers and fall is right around the corner so lets be thinking about our crockpot for healthy meals too!

Take care everyone!

9:46:27 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Linda ,

I will be getting an Air Frier at some point. I am looking forward to cooking in one. It will save a lot of money in electric bills, which is so important in today's climate. And it's a super quick, efficient way to cook various foods.

Even things like salmon, looking forward to marinating in paprika and garlic, olive oil etc and cooking in the air frier. It looks delicious and quick. And so many vegetables can be cooked so well and so tastily in there. Looking forward to experimenting with that. That's good you love how you are cooking the chicken and veg in there:-).

Let us know any other delicious recipes you discover down the line :-).

Best wishes,

7:34:57 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Everyone,

A quick post today , Thank you Tea and
Joe for the answers and help about the
Beans , thank so much for your input and
The time it takes to research these things
That help all of us in the community ..

Also want to thank Tea for suggesting
Some wonderful things you can do with an
Air fryer !!! I'm loving this one !!

I can now Roast my brussel sprouts in the air fryer and
Wow are they good !! I put them in a bowl with
A little olive oil, salt and pepper and roast them,
They are delicious!! I also so do broccoli , onions
And cauliflower too and I'm really enjoying it.
Lot less cooking time to.. :-) . I have to learn
All the different foods I can cook with an air fryer,
Lots of ideas and recipes that are healthy on
You tube along with delicious ideas for your
Dining enjoyment on this website, a big Thank you
To all the participants that shared their hard
Work and recipes with all of us , Thank you!!!

I love this to , I dip my chicken in egg , roll
It in almond flower with garlic , salt , pepper,
And some basil and cook it in the air fryer,
Very tasty with brussel sprouts and a little
Salad what could be better !!

Hope everyone is having a good day and
Hope you have a good week ahead !! God Bless!!!

Everyone has a creative side so have fun
Experiment with good healthy foods and you
Can enjoy some amazing new dishes !!

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