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Chrissie **

9:09:29 AM
Biona organic drinks

Hi there,

I have been having a difficulty sourcing some Citrus fruits at times when shopping, ever since Brexit. What a sorry mess that has been and continues to be!!!!!!

However, I wanted to say that all is not lost as BIONA come to the rescue!!!! They sell excellent lemon, lime and ginger drinks(which we can all drink and still follow the, 'sum of the parts' ) on Amazon UK.

All are from pressed juice, are organic with absolutely NO preservatives and they are not from concentrate. Use as you would fresh juice and store bottle in fridge when not in use. You only need a little at a time.

It's really good stuff, so check it out!!!

I'm having a hot lemon drink, just with the Biona Lemon, hot water and some Steviago Stevia tablets. It sure is tasty and heating me up and with no additives it is a win win situation!!!

The drinks are also absolutely lovely with still water and with sparkling water and stevia also. You can use them to add flavour to food also, like a little lime added to avocado to jazz it up.

The Steviago is made from stevia pure plant extract, also with no additives.

Happy yet healthy drinking :-).


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