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Boxing Day Conference Call

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2:31:50 PM

In England we call the day after Christmas Boxing day, it has nothing to do with fisticuffs though.

Today's conference was again a lively one, even though there was a lower-than-normal attendance. Everyone was in good spirit and there were lots of laughter.

Mel asked us what our wish would be for the following year of course the main response was for all of us to be well

Then Mel went around the table asking us if we had questions, there were a few and these nearly all got answered, topics such as sugar, wps and the passing on of Morgellons, there was talk of a scary room in the house, which I too have, yet as time goes on it doesn't seem half as scary. people that are just a whisker away from being free of this disease, through dedication of the sum of the parts and being focused.

Mel had three wishes, yes that was a little greedy of him but we all hope they all come true, especially the one that he hangs around for another decade....

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 12-26-20