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Calling All New People

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Rockin Robin

8:48:49 AM
Morgellons - Calling All New People

Hello Newbies,

I just want to encourage you to post and let us know how your doing. We want to help with questions and your healing journeys if you need us and we just sincerely want to know how you are.

We have all been right where you are at one time or another in our journeys and can possibly help you. Just post once a week or whenever you can. You won't believe how many of us truly want to help you with diet, or symptoms or just to listen and comfort.

Remember we are here for you!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

Proverbs 27:9 A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

10:19:00 AM
Morgellons - Calling All New People

Hi New Folks.... Again I say Welcome!!!!!! :-)

You know I just talked to Mel and he told me that there are seventeen new folk who have joined our website in the last forty days!!

I am sad that you are all unwell, but very glad that you have all reached out and joined us.

We seriously want to help each and every one of you to get well!!!!!!

We want you all to feel understood and to know that you are not alone in this difficult journey. Having support makes a world of difference, believe me!

Mel said that if the, "newbies are serious about becoming well then they should indeed become part of the community."

Don't be shy, you don't even need to talk on the conference calls until you are ready. Why don't you join us and get a flavour for the community.

We have a prayer call this Sunday and we would love each and every one of you to attend, if you would like to . It is healing, supportive, nurturing, helps us to connect with God and with each other. We have this call every Sunday.

Every second Saturday we have a conference call (see more communication is better). Many attend to ask questions re their healing journey, or just to listen. People who have healed and done the, 'happy dance,' or are almost there come to tell how wonderful it is to be well again. Community members help each other. Mel and various manufacturers like John B from Logos, Cathee from Kleen Green and Robert Scott Bell from sovereign silver share their knowledge, expertise and product information.

Meanwhile read, read, read and read again. This forum is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

When you are ready to take part, we will be ready to listen,

God bless,

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