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12:53:48 PM

Hi Everybody,

If you listened to the 9/5/20 Saturday conference call, you heard some fantastic people who have regained their health speak.

One thing I noticed about the 9/5 Saturday call is that several of the well, or almost well, people who were on the call (namely Donna, Kelly, and Terry, that I remember), said how important Mel's help was in getting them to the place they are at now.

Donna told everyone to coach with Mel and do the Sum of the Parts. She encouraged us to trust in God and trust Mel. Donna has been well for a year now. She said she is living her life to the fullest. That's fantastic, Donna!

Kelly touched my heart when she said she is indebted to Mel for the rest of her life. Mel told her to just pay it forward. But I could tell by the sincerity in her voice, that Mel's help while she was regaining her health meant everything to her.

Terry, who is close to being well, told us that she is getting well because she puts her faith totally in God, and Mel. She has been getting great first-hand advice from Mel through coaching. I could tell by the things she said that coaching with Mel has made a huge difference in her life.

Coaching with Mel is your opportunity to talk to Mel one-on-one. You can ask him any questions you might have or discuss what you are personally experiencing with this disease. Mel will keep up with your progress and advise you as you go along.

When you purchase coaching with Mel be sure to use your minutes! You don't have to have a specific question to call Mel. He might have a few tips for you, so call even if you don't have a question.

If you are feeling down and call Mel, he is sure to tell you a funny story or a joke to make you laugh and brighten your day. I know! He almost always makes me laugh when I am on the phone with him. Brightening your day brightens Mel's day.

If you have already purchased coaching with Mel or don't need coaching right now, please consider giving a financial gift. Mel does an awful lot in this community completely free of charge. Just using the weekend calls as an example, they take at least 3 (often more) hours every weekend. Mel gives of his time free of charge to do them. Anybody can attend, whether they have joined the website or not. I think that's pretty special :-)

You can give a financial gift to Mel by clicking on the He Cures All Foundation link. Be sure to type FOR MEL in the comment box when you give. Otherwise your gift will go to the foundation instead of to Mel.

It is great to have Mel here to help us. It is great to draw on his expertise by purchasing coaching. It is also great when we show our appreciation for all that Mel does by giving him a financial gift.

Thank you, Mel, for all that you do to help us all!

God bless,



10:04:56 AM

Hello Everyone,

Why is coaching time with Mel so important?
I will tell your why:

1. Mel understand these toxic diseases better than anyone. Mel has first hand experience for over a decade and is willing to share what works and what does not.

2. Mel works with everyone as an individual. He modifies and adapts when necessary. This is so important.
From my experience, I have had many issues with food.
Thanks to Mel guidance, I can now eat the the foods that are delicious and that I can tolerate.

3. Mel has the uncanny ability to recognize (through our voice) what emotional state we are in. Mel is so encouraging and has helped me to become more motivated and JOYFUL. As we all know, Mel loves to laugh-which is very contagious. After a coaching session, I always feel better and ready to take on this toxic disease.

4. Through coaching, Mel helps us to be in control of this disease : rather than this disease controlling us.
By gaining control, we become less fearful and prevent fear from raising its ugly head.

5. Mel is very resourceful. He listens and guides us in the direction of reading, participating in conferences calls, which connects us with others, who become our friends and mentors.

There are many more reasons why Mel's coaching is so beneficial. By participating in coaching you will see what are the benefits for you as an individual.

As a Senior, I have taken advantage of the Senior rate and and the unlimited sessions. This has been such a God send to me.

I encourage everyone, whether you are a Newbie or a seasoned Warrior, to take advantage of Mel's coaching.

This coaching if not a luxury it is a necessity for all of us to use on our journey to good health.

Good luck,God bless,

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