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6:43:46 PM
Let me bring HOPE into your life, click the picture

Hi Everyone,

I am here again to suggest coaching by Mel to everyone who is new here or is already someone who has been here for a while.

I can't even begin to thank Mel for all his advice and this website. There is nothing else out there to compare it with. Mel is there for anyone needing advice or a listening ear. He has been through everything with this disease and more. He knows how it feels and how to heal.

I had this disease for a very long time before I came across Mel. He had answers when no one else did. He had resources when no one else did. He has helped people when no one else could. I wouldn't be here writing to you without this website which Mel created, his example, his search for the best products and protocol a Morgellons sufferer can be on.

If you haven't already, give Mel a call and begin to get your life back.

Blessings to all,

5:18:07 PM
Allow me to help you rstore your health, click the picture

It’s coaching time!

Hello to all the newbies who’s join this wonderful forum. I would like to encourage each of you to come and join the best and most effective jump start to your healing process “COACHING”.

Purchasing a few coaching session during the very beginning stages, middle stages and the finish line stages of this disease is coaching with Mel, is a good idea!

He’s got the goods ya’ll! Please do yourself a big favor and participate in purchasing and it will be the 2nd best thing you could ever do here!

Welcome to the pool of healing and to this wonderful community of people.


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