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8:49:04 AM

Hi everyone,

Mel Friedman, the toxic disease pioneer, started this website after suffering from a toxic disease which so many are suffering from all over the world now.

It is not recognized by the CDC, the medical community, or many others but believe me when I say it is very real and it is nothing to fool around with.

Mel is not a doctor, he is a conqueror, a true warrior, whose sole intent is helping others to restore their health. He lived to tell about his cure and promised God he would continue helping others if he was spared. True to his promise he is available to coach anyone who is suffering, has questions, or wants to restore their health.

I thank God every day for Mel and his continued selfless work. He does conference calls on Saturdays which are free to anyone with questions or concerns.
There is always someone with an answer including past warriors whose health has been restored. The Manufacturers who have made it easier for sick people to get vitamins at a discount, often attend, sharing a wealth of knowledge as well.

Mel only cares about helping others, not to profit in any way. He has given all he has and now he is in need of our help. He does one-on-one coaching which is confidential and essential to healing. It is very inexpensive considering what physicians charge and they don't even know what this disease is or how to help.

Any contributions that come his way in the form of coaching or giving however much is greatly appreciated and very much needed for him to continue his mission.

He is my mentor, guide and friend as well as so many others who look to him for help. Where would we be without Mel and his wealth of knowledge.

Please consider his needs as he considers ours all the time!.

We all pray for you as well my friend.


9:21:14 AM

Dear All,

Just look at this wonderful forum!!!
It is fantastic as it is bulging at the seams with knowledge, support and advice.

This was all made possible because Mel made a promise to God that if he got well, he would spend the rest of his life helping others with toxic disease. And help.....he does!!!

This website has been going for over ten years, thanks to Mel.

The knowledge and awareness regards to this disease that Mel has amassed over the years is extensive.

He has learned not just through his own illness and subsequent healing but also through talking to thousands of other people who suffer this disease. He also works closely with people in the healing field and many wonderful manufacturers who really know their stuff regards holistic healing.

It is not likely that you could tell him something he has not heard before, as he has heard it all.. and more......

So.... If you are out there and struggling and need support, help, advice and encouragement - reach out and book some coaching now from Mel.

He will encourage you to keep going when you are weary.

He will make you laugh out of the blue, when you thought that it was impossible to laugh!

It is very sad that thousands all over the world suffer this. However, it is reassuring that you can talk to Mel.

He knows how you can navigate through this very difficult illness and get your health back. You will find that all of a sudden you have Hope. He will encourage you to get through all of this.

Take that first step now and contact him. He will help you.

God bless,

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