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Mary W

12:07:30 AM

Hi All,

I've been coached by Mel for 8 months now. I would like to encourage people from the community to seek out Mel for coaching. He has changed his coaching hours so he can be available to everyone that needs coaching. Even over seas.

If you're looking for information on how to get well, he's the one to assist you in that.

Mel made a promise to God if and when he gets well, way back in 2006 he would dedicate his life to helping others. He started out using his own funds with helping about 10 sufferers. Twelve years later Mel stills help this community seven days a week .

Now is the time to help Mel, by purchasing coaching from him.
Keep this website running smoothly for future suffers, as well as helping those who can not afford coaching, to receive it free. So a person like myself can get coaching from him.

Thanks to him for All the help he's given me.

Mary W

9:45:40 PM

Good evening fellow Warriors!

Pray all is well and everyone of you are getting better and better as the days and weeks are going by.

I am so glad to see and hear of all the 90 per-centers. It bring my heart great joy when I read and hear how many of us are in the 90 percent and all of those coming along behind us.

As I have read the testimonials in this thread from months & years ago; our common thread is, if it had not been for Mel’s expertise of coaching and guiding us through this crazy & disturbing TDS where would we be? Look in the mirror and ask yourself the same question

Mel, I would like to say thank you personally for being their for me every step of the way. Your coaching have brought me to the place of being 95/96 percent healed and preparing me to get ready to do my Happy Dance. Whoop Whoop!

I am a supporter of coaching! So, I would like to encourage each person who come to this site to participate in buying coaching. Coaching with Mel is the key to your healing.

I know many of you think Mel is rich from this site, but that SURELY is not the case, but it really should be considering all of the long hours, love and passion he put into it. If you only knew how he loses sleep, and goes without to make sure we are taken care of and get to the finish line. He have dedicated his life to this site and I’m asking for each of us to have compassion and donate to the untiring work he put into this site.

Donating has been changed to be more advantageous to those who donate! Simply click the HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION button to donate. Put for Mel in the comments. You now have a tax deduction.

Please help me to support Mel by buying coaching.
He prefers that, so he can help more people.

I love joyous all and thank you for hearing the clarion call to help!

In The Master’s Hand

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