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Check out the conference call recording from 19/19/19. John B and Robert Scott Bell talk about mold.

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7:37:25 PM

Morgellons -

Dear All, 

It's not an exaggeration when I say that I love when John B and Robert Scott Bell come on the Saturday conference calls. I love it because they are both excellent sources of wisdom and knowledge re how to get your health back. They both talk with years of research and experience in a clear, concise way that all can understand. 

Last Saturdays conference call was on the very pertinent topic of, 'mold.' It is estimated that 25% of the world's population has an allergic  reaction to mold spores. Now I would wager that most of us who suffer from Toxic Disease will be sensitive to mold. Many of us already suffer from systemic candida issues. So it is especially important that we avoid any other forms of fungus or mold as best we can. The experts say that around 68% of homes in the USA have mold issues, even new homes can be affected. So this is such an important issue for us all. 

John B stated that chronic mold exposure whether the exposure is now or in the past can be a major handicapper to immunity and health. This is especially true if it is undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. It is difficult to overcome, stresses the adrenals, is seen like an oestrogen by the body and takes down immunity alongside other opportunistic infections like Lyme or Morgellons. 

Pharmaceutical anti fungals can be very hard on the liver and kidney. Therefore it is so good to know that the Logos Basic Protocol and Lyme extension kit provide us with a myriad of anti fungal agents such as olive leaf, probiotic, candida rid, msm (sulphur), monolaurin. Other anti fungals that we take are the Sovereign Silver and the Wps too. The, 'sum of the parts,' has been carefully and methodically worked out by Mel and all the manufacturers, so that we are giving our bodies the best chance we can to heal and eradicate unwanted pathogens. The Kleen Green that we use in our homes, clothes, on our animals and on our own skin and hair is also anti fungal. Sulphur soap that many of us use is too. In addition the cruciferous vegetables we consume such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, kale are high in sulphur as are  eggs and garlic and onions. Sulphur is anti fungal and this disease really does not like it one bit.

John B said that pharmaceutical anti fungals can often mask symptoms.and don't get to the root of the problem. Logos supplements will take time to address the underlying problems. Healing the bioterain takes time, it took years to get sick, so will take time to address the imbalance within. However, they are natural, work symbiotically with each other and they don't have side effects. Check out Logos Nutritionals radio show for information on their products and excellent health Information. 

Robert Scott Bell said it is indeed possible to overcome mold exposure and Toxic Disease when we learn the principles of healing and understand illness. He states that Ozone technology is very good at helping the home environment that has been exposed to mold. It is important to cleanse the air externally using Ionisation technology. He stated that Ozone can help to neutralise mold spores in the environment so that they are not a danger to you. Robert also stated that air purifiers can also be helpful environmentally. 

Robert also mentioned Nebulisers and his Sovereign Silver to help the lungs and sinus cavity if it is affected by mold. Click on for more information. I can confirm that several people in our community have found a benefit from doing the Nebuliser protocol. He has a radio show and also posts videos on You Tube. The Aloe Vera /Sovereign Silver protocol will also help the gut to heal internally and in the restoration of tissue. Robert stated that it is very important to eradicate the mycotoxins and endotoxins that devastate our ability to neutralise or clear debris from the body. He  stated that his background in homeopathy taught him the vital importance of drainage re the liver, kidney, spleen, colon  and lymph glands. Hence our whole, 'sum of the parts,' and the Protocol is of vital importance as it works on our whole body. 

Thanks again Chaps. It was indeed a pleasure to have you both on and we always learn so much from you both! 


John Burgstiner and Robert Scott Bell - MOLD
Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 10-26-19

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