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8:19:31 PM


I’m really glad that you had a great time on the camping trip!

I’ve really enjoyed all the wonderful conversations we have had in recent months since Mel arranged a connection between us. It’s so hard to believe that you live within 10 miles of me!

When we are both better (which I think could honestly happen around the same time), we will definitely meet and celebrate!

Your New England buddy,



10:19:17 AM

Good morning, friends, and fellow fighters,

Just returned from a weekend of camping in New England, and am feeling grateful to be back to a hot shower!

I was anxious about ticks and nervous to go, but had promised my youngest daughter I would, so off I went.

The upside--Kayaking on a peerless spring day was heavenly, and reminded me how much I need time outdoors, connecting with nature. There is no substitute for that for refreshing the spirit, at least for me.

I grew up very much outdoors in the west, hardly wearing shoes between June and September...blissful, near-feral mother let me wander the woods freely all day long, in those pre-Lyme disease days.

The downside--being bombarded my buzzing gnats at night was distinctly unpleasant as I felt (or imagined? or both?) it stirring things up somewhat inside my body.

Happily, I slept like a rock in the cold night air, after a day of kayaking and hiking, once inside the relatively bug-free tent.

One thing this disease has taught me--we can feel the fear and carry on anyway!

I am reminded of Winnie the Pooh's quote--

Promise me you’ll always remember:

"You’re braver than you believe,
stronger than you seem, and
smarter than you think."

That applies to all of us, don't you think?!
To our health!

Love, Maria aka Mimi

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