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3:48:37 PM


So happy to hear that you have seen so much progress (although I kind of already know that because I speak to you on the phone so often!).

You and I tend to consider ourselves “neck and neck,” but I think you have edged me a bit.

It will be so nice to meet you in person once we both get to the finish line! After all, we are only about 10 miles away from each other...there is a darn good chance that we have already crossed paths and didn’t even know it!

You go, girl!


10:08:46 PM

Hello friends, and fellow warriors,

Just wanted to check in as I enter my 10th month on the protocol.

Taking 7 drops in the morning, and 7 in the evening, and I am feeling pretty darn good these days! Don't want to jinx it by saying so, but I have pep, I can play tennis and even jog a bit,albeit very slowly, my appetite is hearty, my sleep is sound, and overall, I am feeling more like my old self (minus the excess pounds).

I do experience symptoms during the full moons (crawling sensations), and the very occasional, tiny lesion, which heals quickly now, thank God.

Still purging tiny invisible sand-like debris from my fingers, face and scalp...but not a lot.

No longer frightened by the purging...I just want them to vamoose and skedaddle!

Eating lots of fresh and sauteed veggies, nut cheese, lean meats and fish, gluten free crackers, butter, nuts, almond milk, unsweetened chocolate with stevia, salads, along with spicy Indian curries. I have started to add my beloved strawberries, and raspberries from my garden back into my diet.. heaven!

My dog and cat are on WPS--one drop a day--and they both appear to be in sound health. I am keeping a very close eye on my kids (who love sugar) and husband to make sure they are not experiencing or showing any symptoms.

I credit God, Mel, the support of my new friends in this wonderful community, my family's love and support, and my own determination for slowly getting my health back, week by week.

(Full disclosure--have I once or twice or thrice had a weak moment and had a taste of fudge frosting or a hot dog and bun? Yup. Did I suffer ill effects from this, and flare things up? Yup again.) But overall, I have seriously stuck to the Diet.

There is no other way. We pay the price otherwise, and do not get well!. I know I am not there yet. I figure I am just over half-way to the finish line, barring any additional encounters with chocolate frosting...! I expect to experience some tough future scrimmages with this disease as it fights back as it has done in the past.

Herxing seems to have abated for now...the headaches, fatigue, weird vibrations in various parts of my body, nausea, dizziness, swelling...all of that seems to be more or less gone.

For those of you who are not as far along on your healing journey as I am, please take heart, have faith, and know that you will get there, too! Just keep on keeping on, as John B. says. Never ever give up hope! If I can do this, anyone can!

Love, Maria

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