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8:54:41 PM
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I'm goin get you, Karen the librarian, Nut hatch, Hatch nut, laughing bird!

Hello All,

Great Drone it is in the sky!

Looking forward to the next episode!!!

I can't stop laughing.

Rockin Robin

5:51:40 PM

HICM Fantasy

Chapter 2


If you remember the news from yesterday's ending, Merciless Mel's Observation Drone had been totally annihilated by Karen's (Karen the Librarian, AKA Nuthatch, AKA Hatchnut, AKA Laughing Bird ) war-like monster drone!! Pictured above.

Merciless Mel was disgruntled and beside himself for a day and a half, but then.......his 2nd stimulus check arrived. He was delighted and the very next day went to the National Guard at the Reno, Tahoe Airport.

He met with the National Guard Air force boys. He quickly became their buddy, hanging out and swapping war stories, and they supported him by selling him an inexpensive fleet of used war drones.He even had enough money left to purchase bombs, missiles and a mini nuke! Oh is she going to get it!!!

You can see a picture of Mel's awesome fleet in tomorrow's episode, Chapter 3. Merciless Mel now knows he can easily annihilate that mischievous Karen the Librarian's ( AKA Nuthatch, AKA Hatchnut, AKA Laughing Bird) monster war-like drone!!!!!

So.....hold on to your seats, don't forget to breathe and come back tomorrow for the next exciting adventure of Merciless Mel and his Quarantine Police Force !!!!!

WARNING: Follow THE SUM OF THE PARTS to the letter!!!!
Mel's Fleet Of Drones Could Be Watching You !!!!!

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