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8:40:44 AM


Let me tell y’all about my coaching! When I got here I was ready to give up and just die! I could not get any answers for what was wrong with me.Like the rest of you I saw doctor after doctor was told to see a psychiatrist! I worked with hospice and patient care for along time so I knew I didn’t need that.

It Started having a blood clot removed from my arm and everything went down hill from there. Some how I met Mel and talking to him he told me exactly what was going on! Mel Told me what I needed to do to get well and I could get help because I was not able to work in my line of work!

He worked that out so I could afford to get what I needed and then the work started! But I could never have got to where I am today without coaching!! I was scared but he would talk me through what I needed. Mel always called after doctors appointment!

My breast cancer came back in 2007 had started in2004 with yearly checkup them lump removed and 32 days radiation treatment. But it came back big time after the blood clot. When I got home home all I did was sleep. Got attacked by something biting me in the middle of the night!

But Mel’s coaching help every time something else happen. He is very knowledge in what this does and how to help you overcome. My doctors was amazed by my healing and I give Mel all the credit he would tell what I needed to do and tell John what I needed. Over cancer, over blood pressure, lost 86lbs, nothing biting, no sores, hexing I would be on the phone Mel always explained what was going on and calm me down.

He also got my husband to understand and that was major!

I Wanted the black specs to go away, he said they would as I got better because they was bad! We have come along way but without coaching and he could tell if I wasn’t doing 100% when we talked plus he keeps improving things. I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever 20 years ago and some of it is slow to get rid of Mel and John and Robert Bell has helped me understand that and I thought will it never end it has been a year with Mel and I almost feel normal again.

So get coaching to help yourself, I have seen in this year people quit because they didn’t want to listen but the ones that got well still come to visit. Mel can talk mean sometimes but don’t let that make you quit you are here to get well! You can and will!

I became a believer you have to do all the parts not just some! I love y’all, pray for everyone!

God is here with we just have to have patience and know everybody has a bad day sometimes.