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Rockin Robin **

2:05:11 PM
Coffee, Tea With Me Call Update ( Sat. July 10th, 2021 )
Despite it all, she made the call

Hello Everyone,

Saturday's "Coffee, Tea, With Me" conference call was one of the best! Our dear friend and Sister Cathee from Natural Ginesis was our welcomed guest. An update on her husband, Ralph, and his lung surgery was given. God has truly blessed and answered prayers!! He is recovering remarkably well and getting better each day!

Cathee discussed products from the Natural Ginesis line and answered questions from community members about the products and their uses. Community members thanked Cathee for what she and the company have provided for all of us throughout the years and in the present. We are so grateful for these products, the discounts, and the curtesy and christian values they practice in their business day to day!! It is refreshing in this day and time!!

If you missed this great call be sure to catch it on the recording! What would we do without Natural Ginesis??

Love & Hugs,
Rocking Robin

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