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Coffee Tea with Me 2/17/2024

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10:03:22 AM


Hello Everyone ,

Today's call was with Cathee with Natural Genesis , Cathie started off
With her appreciation of all her Kleen Green customers . And said business
Is good .

This marks 23 years in business for her and her company, that
Provides these wonderful products that help so much with this disease , not
To mention all the others uses her products have .. Congratulations Cathee !

Cathee explained that Kleen Green has a very long shelf life , and as long as it
Smells medicinal, it is still good .. The big workhorse in Kleen Green is Protease
Enzyme but it also has other enzymes as well , but Protease is the powerhouse.

Cathee went on to say essential oils can be applied topically but you have to
Mix with a carrier oil such as coconut oil , olive oil , avocado oil , or a good
Vegetable oil she said .. she says do not put Kleen Green or essential oils into
Your eyes , never . That's certainly a good thing to be aware of ..

Any of Cathee's oils Can be applied to your hair and skin , just remember to use a carrier oil for topical

Use . Kleen Green can be used on any water safe surface throughout your home ,
With no worries.. Cathee says once kleen green is mixed it remains stable for use
Whenever you need it..

Cathee is updating her website which she says will be easier to navigate , so maybe
By next week she says it will be up and going .. So by all means stop by and check it out.

Cateie mentioned you can also use a few drops of essential oils in your kleen green spray .
Makes your bedding or whatever you use it on smell great ..

she went on to talk about Sulfur soap, it is very helpful to anyone with pretty much any condition It can be used daily In either your shower or bath ..

In closing Cathee said any questions or comments posed are always educational and
Helpful, and if anyone has a question or concern , or physical condition , she invites you to
Send an email to her and she will be happy to help in any way she can .

So that's the scoop on Saturday's Coffee Tea and Me with Mel our host and Cathie from
Natural Genesis , again I encourage everyone to listen to the call when it's posted .. I hope
Everyone is doing well and Congratulations Cathie for 23 years in business and we hope for many more wonderful years, you are appreciated and needed for such a time as this!

God Bless All !

Cathee - Natural Ginesis/Kleen Green
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 02/17/24

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