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Colgate for sores...NOT!

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7:15:19 AM

Morgellons -


I didn’t mean to promote Colgate as I’m not doing it today. And totally agree its poison. It was something I tried about 10 years ago before realizing the true healing options. Or even the cause.

I bath my skin in good herbals and coconut oil. Today I find silver to be amazing on my skin. It’s helping eczema.

Apologize if I upset anyone. As much as I loved the call that part bothered me. Healing and light to everyone.

God bless,

7:15:19 AM

Morgellons -

Hey buddy.

One of your callers Sat. advocated for Colgate for her lesions. Not a good idea!

Here are just a few of the ingredients that are nothing short of poison.

* sodium Laura sulfate...industrial foaming agent.
* sodium fluoride...a proven carcinogin.
* sodium benzoate...cytoxin derived from petroleum.
And there are several more....

Here's a reliable research link you can post about poisons in traditional toothpastes.
Be well!

Peter AKA The Viking

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