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Joe **

2:06:01 PM
CTw/M - 10/9/21: RSB

Hello everyone and thank you to those who joined on the 10/9/21 CTw/M call - with one of our special returning guests and host of the Robert Scott Bell show... Robert Scott Bell, or RSB!

RSB wasted no time and jumped right into remediating mold toxicity, with the focus on Orange TKO all-purpose cleaner, as well as a new copper product that will be coming out soon (Mel will let us know), and how to use them with a Nebulizer. As many of us deal with some level of mold toxicity, this is great information. Karianne and I started using Orange TKO since Spring when we first heard RSB talk about it on a previous CTw/M call. He also gave his thoughts on how the word/theme of 'virus' is very misused to drive fear and how we can overcome that fear, from a mental aspect. As for actual viruses, RSB strongly advocates for selenium to combat viruses, as well as increased dosing of sovereign silver. Both RSB and Mel also discussed the plethora of healing properties in hemp oil and how it supports the Endocannabinoid system, and healing of our organs.

Questions also arose regarding the COVID vaccination, which RSB gave not only his opinion, but information that has been brought to him on his show, which is non-biased. His main concern is that the post-pandemic era we're currently living is being used to further control us and take away our rights, to serve a 'darker' agenda. The main point here, especially for us in this community trying to heal our bodies, is to not buy into the news and media outlets. We do have the power to heal our bodies and with this community, following the Sum of the Parts, and coaching with Mel, we can repair our natural immune system, which is arguably the BEST form of combatting any virus.

So many great discussion topics were on the plate that provided a ton of value (5G impact and self-sustainability, food-grade selenium, chromium, etc.). If you weren't able to attend the call, you can catch all the details in recording link below.

Thank you RSB for your contributions to the community!

God Bless you all!
Karianne & Joe

Coffee, Tea with Me-Saturday 10-09-21

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