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Karen **

11:35:09 AM
Daylight Savings Time

Hello more sunlight...and goodbye extra hour!

Now we'll have more time to get that extra natural vitamin D.'s also going to be harder to wake up,'ll be a great time to use the cold water hair treatment first thing in the morning.

I used to have about a bucket of hot tea (with caffeine) to wake up...or in the really old days, a couple of ice cold diet Dr. Peppers. I'm from loving Dr. Pepper is in my dna. We've since broken up...but I still think of the Dr. fondly.

Now when the alarm rings in what will seem to me like the middle of the night, I guess I'll run to the sink and stick my head under cold water.

Hopefully that will wake me up and put me on the path to having a head full of thick silky hair (as per Mel's example).

There's always a silver lining...pun intended.



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