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Deanna and Ruth bring hope!!!!

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3:34:31 PM


Thank you VERY much for your kind words!! It was "truly" my pleasure to join this wonderful community on the conference call last Saturday, to welcome my good friend to the beginning of her healing journey and to let EVERYONE know that this Protocol does work "when" we follow the SUM of the parts!!!

It takes time to heal the body naturally as we are doing but it can and will happen, to ALL who stay the course!!!!

My top three suggestions would be to...

1) READ, READ, READ the Website and then READ the Website again.
2) Listen to the previous conference calls and participate in the current ones as well as the prayer calls too.
3) Eat, Sleep and Drink plain, filtered, water as if your life depends on it... BECAUSE it does!!!

Please know I am praying for each and every warrior here!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

3:34:31 PM

Hi all,

I'm posting a big fat thank you to Deanna and Ruth for coming along to last Saturdays conference call :-).

It was lovely to hear from them and to hear that they are well and happy and are living their lives now free from toxic disease.

Both ladies still take the basic protocol to help maintain excellent health. They also still maintain a healthy diet and make sure that they get enough sleep, rest, fresh air, watch stress levels. But all in all both are doing great now!!! :-).

Ruth said something really poignant!! She said she's doing well, feeling well and can go for days without Morgellons even entering her head!!! She said Morgellons is no longer in her head all the time. If people take the, 'sum of the parts,' seriously it's a blessing. Ruth said it was an answer to her prayers. It took her three years to get well and she learned from this community how to live a healthy life. She says it CAN be done!!!! She is slowly but surely also getting rid of her metal fillings re a holistic dentist. She said she now always goes to bed early to keep her immunity tip top.

Deanna said she still reads the website and shares the website with others that it will benefit. On this call she introduced us to her friend Helen who is now joining us and learning all she can re what she needs to do to get her health back. She mentioned previously being really alone in this battle, with people turning their backs on her. She had no support from family, loved ones or the medical community. Then she found this website and everything began to turn around (familiar story with many of us!). Deanna eats to be healthy now, monitors the PH balance of her body, drinks enough water. Alongside the basic protocol she still takes some of the extention kit as has some candida issues still. But other than that she is doing really well!!! :-).

Thanks Mel for asking both women to come to the call to share their individual journeys to wellness!

It is so so important for us all to hear about the light at the end of the tunnel. It is music to our ears. It gives everyone hope that if they continue on their own personal journey of rebuilding immunity, they to can get well!! It is not an easy journey as Deanna said, but it can be done :-).

We all just need to keep on keeping on as Mel says :-)

God bless you all,
And God bless Deanna and Ruth,