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10:36:38 AM


Thank you VERY much for your kind words!! It was "truly" my pleasure to join this wonderful community on the conference call last Saturday, to welcome my good friend to the beginning of her healing journey and to let EVERYONE know that this Protocol does work "when" we follow the SUM of the parts!!!

It takes time to heal the body naturally as we are doing but it can and will happen, to ALL who stay the course!!!!

My top three suggestions would be to...

1) READ, READ, READ the Website and then READ the Website again.
2) Listen to the previous conference calls and participate in the current ones as well as the prayer calls too.
3) Eat, Sleep and Drink plain, filtered, water as if your life depends on it... BECAUSE it does!!!

Please know I am praying for each and every warrior here!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

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