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Dianna S **

1:57:53 PM
Diatomaceous earth!!

Hi everybody,

This stuff is like “Mother-earth” expelling all the junk and making room for the healing!!
I Took a T. With a glass of water once a day for 5 days very carefully so not to breathe any particles. Talked to Mel and he said probably don’t need 5 days.

I Had a slight headache and some sinus drainage on day 3 and 4. My system feels so empty and bloat almost gone.

Of course the protocol and lyme extension continuing working too, but Feeling like a weight has been removed.

This is my 9th month. Month 6, 7, and 8 were really tough but my sores are healing! And my anxiety level is down.

Like Mel said, never give up HOPE!!
This is just the beginning of better days ahead!!

My prayers will be answered when All of Us are well!!


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