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11:40:17 AM

I eat about a handful of raw almonds, pecans,walnuts and pumpkin seeds a day. Is this ok? Also when eating the foods suggested, I am losing weight. Any suggestions to prevent weight loss? Thanks! Lee

4:45:10 AM

It is more than three weeks since I found a fiber in my hair or body.
The funny thing is that I did several things.
1. Changing diet. I don't consume dairy, except goat cheese once in a while. I buy coconut and almond milk.
2. Instead of regular ice cream, I buy low sugar coconut milk ice cream
3. Buying news pillows and pillow and mattress zip covers.
4. Puting any type of oil (olive, avocado, coconut, etc) on my hair, before shampooing and condition my hair.
5. Mixing skin lotion with a just a little bit of unexpensive antibiotic / antifungal lotion.
6. Instead of trying to untangle my hair, when I found a suspicious tangle, I just cut that piece of hair and throw it immediately in the garbagge can outside my home.

I don't really know what helped me, but I think the most important thing was to stop consuming dairy.

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