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Diet Suggestions

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10:13:56 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Paul & everyone
Sorry for slow response. Manuka honey comes from Australia. It is very expensive. I believe there are 5 levels of rating individual.jars on the label that rate it's antibiotic potential.

In the past, folks gave it high praise for helping heal lesions when put directly on them. No personal experience here. But I have cycled it internally when I could afford to. Sugar of course must be a consideration for those that are newly afflicted or really ravaged. But at some point it can be very effective when added to anti inflammatory teas like ginger.

Hope this tells you what you need.


7:36:14 AM

Morgellons -

Paul Asks, Is too much manuka honey OK ?

Mel responds, " Everything in moderation!"

Other comments welcomed!

12:31:37 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Lee!

I think your making some great choices, but be sure you’re not over doing it. Pecans and Almonds are great because they’re low carb, which we all know carb eventually turns into sugar, pumpkin in so good for your body too and walnuts are good for the brain. It’s common to lose weight in early stages of this toxic disease as well as diet changes. You’ll know what feels best for you and in time your good weight that’s needed will return. Hang in there!!!

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