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Doctors appointment

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8:56:10 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Ya'll,

Another one bites the dust!

My doctor reduced my meds and stopped 2 of them!

She really thinks what I have been doing (our protocol) has really helped everything, she said to keep up with what I have been doing! So sticking to it!
We talked about Lyme and diet she really appreciated that I changed my eating habits!

Now for funny story Monday my middle grandson spent the day with us and I was showing him how the dog was backing up when he saw a snake on our deck AND i tripped and landed on my buttocks think I broke my tailbone again! But at least it got me up from sitting on my bottle! Helped get me motivated. But the funny part was the look on his face! He looked over at his papa like what to do!? Then helped me up! He was off this week and has been here helping clean the Yard thank the Lord!

More later gator