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7:04:55 PM

To all of the Newbies and Community Members,

One of the first things I did when coming to this website was to join the email list.
It is a great way to have all of the new information sent to you without asking.

I find the emails to be extremely important. They provide us with all new posts which are always filled with very important information on what other members are doing to get well.

You will receive information on our fabulous Saturday calls. Lots of delicious recipes, which we all love. Monthly reminders on the full moon, which is very important that we split our WPS into three times a day instead of two. Mel will send us updates on his coaching hours if he need change them for any reason. I can go on and on about how much information you will receive. This is our communication tool. Having these emails will ensure you are not missing out on any information that could help you on your journey to wellness,

Who would not want this great information? It is all about getting well and all information obtained is another step of knowledge to restored health.

I love the emails and I can tell you they have been extremely helpful to me in my journey. I will be doing my "Happy Dance." of complete health restoration the 18th of this month. I have utilized every bit of information possible to restore my health. This is one thing I strongly suggest you do.

Please make sure to join ASAP! Simply click on "Join Our Email List" at the top of the page, it only takes a second to sign up.

Your Friend Warrior,

Rockin Robin

3:41:45 PM

Dear Nancy,

OH MY GOSH !!!!!!!! What a fantastic video!! I just loved it!!!

Mel... bring that forward to the top of the forum under heading," YOUR NEVER TOO OLD " Wowweeeee..... I want their secret, did you see what that lady could do???? WOW!!!!

Thanks Nancy!!! Made My Day!!

Love You, Sister!
Rockin Robin

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