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12:28:56 PM


Welcome to those visiting we are so glad you’re here!

This is such an important decision you’ve decided to make in restoring your health!

Please know this site has so much knowledgeable information available to help you. Hopefully when reading through everything it will give you a better understanding of the importance in staying connected and communicating with others!!

Many will often ask, What’s the importance in registering for the email list?

So, please know this is such a great opportunity in getting important information as it becomes available, and it’s sent directly to you!! Such a great opportunity for new members in the community.

This will help you stay engaged, informed and you will support you in having questions answered, or for some these can be great reminders.

This will also allow you to receive notifications of upcoming events to add to your calendar. You can also find new recipes, stay connected with others in the community or to simply receive help along the way by posting questions you may have!

So please be sure to take the time to register your email. If you have any questions please don’t ever hesitate to ask!

Thank you so much for joining and we look forward to having you on a weekend call!!


Nancy S
8:55:03 AM

Morgellons - We honor our departed loved ones
We honor our departed loved ones

Hello you all,


They lift you up! Plus you learn a lot! The more we share the better we feel and we learn even about other countries!!!

This is so wonderful if you think you get to old to learn think again!
I am in my mid seventies and praise the Lord still learning some of the best stuff to help others and myself!

Thank God for Mel and God they took my fear away of the unknown so the more we share the more we help.

Hate I missed Saturday’s call, but my sister in law pasted Friday afternoon, can’t wait to listen to it both of these ladies share and help so much!

Without knowing Glean Green and oils I would still be using old ways that wasn’t doing much good!

Have a great day.

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