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England Thread by Freddie

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11:33:29 AM

Hello and Welcome to... "England Thread By Freddie"

Don't be shy or worried about joining this very knowledgeable site. I too was a little tentative going into the unknown but it was the best thing I could have ever done and it will be the best thing you will ever do too.

I was really hoping that more people from England that have read other threads would come to the conference calls but alas not, we are not sure why it because you are not able to get on to skype, if this the case we have our very own experts that can help you with this.

I have two email addresses and also have two skype accounts, you could do this too, so one for your family and friends back home and one for this site and all the friends you will make here. I know how scary it is to talk to people about Morgellons, as probably like me, you have been made to feel that you are mentally disturbed and offered antidepressants and or antipsychotic drugs, we have all had these encounters with GPs and so-called skin specialists that cannot see outside the box or will not entertain doing so!... Hey ho even if they did acknowledge Morgellons disease, they still wouldn't have a cure, this is something scientist need to look into, so until then we have the only sure cure here, albeit not the one-day wonder cure we would all like. Here we gain all the knowledge, we just have to knuckle down and stick to the Sum of the parts, it is achievable, you just need to stay steadfast and stay positive.

So once you have got the hang of skype why not just come along to the conference calls, you don't need to say anything, maybe hello and an alias name, just to be here with us, will be a just the step you need to getting on the road to recovery.

Ask Mel for my email address if you like, so i can alleviate any fears you might have in joining. There isn't anywhere in GB that has this sort of help, we are very lucky that Mel offers help to everyone World Wide.

Hope to speak with you soon

Freddie x (from England)