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Everything happens for a REASON /AKA / CHOICE

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8:58:10 AM

Morgellons -


Keep on going!

9:36:50 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Danielle,

I read your post after the Sunday Conference Call, that next morning. I want you to know it touched me! You sounded so much better! And, I cried.

I know, I'm such a sap! I cry !when I'm happy, sad, angry, or have any strong emotion. I used to cry when I would watched "Little House On The Prairie" and I cry when I hear songs or music that touches me.

Regular spring showers all the time!

I cried because your spirit sounded so much better and uplifted! I loved what you had to say.

I heard a reference the other night to the phrase " Blind Faith ". I started really thinking about it.

You know on this journey or long winding road to our healing, the road gets bumpy, rocky, has pitfalls and holes, climbs steeply up, falls straight down and has obstacles along the way. Then also, we have negative comments and negative people put right in our path.

You mentioned warriors several times.
That is how I see us. Warriors!!!

We move forward in our journey on the road NO Matter What! No matter what comes our way, what obstacles are put in front of us, we move forward either thru them or around them and keep moving forward, we use our shield and weapons ( protocol, kleen green, WPS, MSM, and many other weapons to block them, to throw them off of us and we keep moving forward.

We set our jaw, grind our teeth, and push, push, push forward! We can't even see all that's at the end of the journey but, we know there is healing and wonderful things there!!! " Blind Faith!! "

It has a new meaning for me. I hope this helps and inspires you. It surely helped me!

I want to congratulate you on keeping your spirit soaring! GOD will love, comfort, and provide for you. HE loves you more than anyone ever could!! Reaching out to you dear friend. Look up on your phone or computer the song " No Matter What by Boyzone "
I believe it is a love song about each person and God.

Til Later, Much Love Your Christian Sis,

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