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Finding Cheap Clothing and Bedding

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9:51:31 AM

Morgellons -

Hello all,
This disease is truly a money zapper. I go through blankets, sheets, socks, clothing, virtually anything fabric, every single week. I wanted to mention a couple of things. Washing in WPS helps tremendously and without it I'd never be able to wear the same thing more than once.

The true point of this post. Where to find the cheapest possible "disposable" items. Going to the thrift store has been such an incredible life saver for me. Bigger establishments like Salvation Army, Bargain Hunters, Goodwill, etc. anything you can find near your house churn through items and almost always have something new. I recommend getting whatever you can very oversized and 100% polyester (this is what works for me). My crawling goes crazy with anything cotton, but that's just my personal experience.

I go weekly to buy new items and always have backup items so I'm never stuck in a bind. At Goodwill blankets are $2.99!!! I always wash my items when I get them home and put them in a designated "non-infested" space in the house until I'm ready to use them. Anyways, I hope this helps some people. :)


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