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For the 'newly stricken'

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9:38:27 AM

Morgellons -  With Leslie and Thomas  driving the Tank, We can not lose!
With Leslie and Thomas driving the Tank, We can not lose!

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

We, the three amigos finally agreed on something. How important this call will be for anyone in the early stages of dealing with toxic diseases!

So please, listen and learn and eradicate the fear !! You will have a much better idea of what you will be dealing with in the coming months.

More knowledge = Less fear.!!!
Less fear = easier to move forward.

Thanks to the tank,

God bless you all,


Coffee, Tea with Me 08-05-17
Thomas the Tank shares his six month update

Listen o Audio

8:45:35 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Peter, Thank you for the research and useful knowledge you put into this thread.

It has so much Information that can be helpful to others and myself.

I sure wish I found it 3-yrs. ago as it would have saved me lots of funds and time, Some treatments set me back and I didn't want other people to make the same mistake and I needed to let the toxic disease suffers know this is right here to guide them with this very confusing disease.

It seems like this thread has so much of what I know now to work.
Nice research & hands on protocol what works best, Much appreciated as this must of taken lots of hard work and time.

This Information is explained clearly to get a people's treatment going in the right direction.

I know you were taught by Mel and John B. as it sure shows they both did a wonderful job teaching you.

Thank you very much as you truly are a Blessing from above.--Donald

9:05:34 AM

Morgellons -

Hello to everyone (past, present and future)

I was going through old posts and threads and found one that Peter wrote when he was restoring his health. It was called For the Newly Stricken.

It is informative and would be especially helpful to new people who have questions and fear. This explains so much. I actually learned a lot that I have forgotten over time.

I hope this is helpful and everyone can take something away from it.

Love and blessings

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