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9:59:08 AM

Tracy & Linda,

THANK YOU for sharing EXACTLY how the He Cures All Foundation has impacted your life!!! It is wonderful to know AND see the difference we can AND will make with ANY and EVERY contribution!!! THANK YOU also for making your own contribution to the Foundation... I love to see the recipients stepping up to help others... a true example of paying it forward!!!


THANK YOU too... for your VERY kind and loving words AND for your continued monetary support of the Foundation!!! You are, ALWAYS have been and ALWAYS will be an INCREDIBLE blessing to this community!!!!

Let's keep the Foundation alive and well, my fellow warriors!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

6:37:19 PM

Hi to everyone, those who have been here before and those that are new to this website.

I am writing this post to let you know about the He Cures All Foundation and the life-changing miracles they perform.

There are people all over the world (not just the United States); Scotland, England, Australia and many other countries that are coming here to read, learn about and try to get better from this toxic disease.

Mel Friedman, was near death when he came upon the protocol and fine tuned it to completely cure himself. He promised God he would be there to help others as long as he could.

It is impossible to get better on your own. I am someone who has been sick for quite a few years and know that this is the gospel truth.

I finally came back to this forum, came to weekend calls and participated with a group of extremely caring and knowledgeable people. Ifinally got on the nutritional support I desperately needed. I am finally starting to heal. I thank God, Mel, and the Foundation every day.

The contributions made to the Foundation by the Sponsors; John B, Glenn and Jill of Logo's Nutritionals, Sovereign Silver, Cathee of Natural Genesis, Healthy Way, WPS, and the ones who receive the help and contribute what they can as well are invaluable.

Without your help, and the contributions by the sponsors, Mel and everyone who can give afford to help, we cannot get better. Any amount means the world to us and we are working hard on getting better to help others following in our paths.

I am reaching out to anyone and everyone who may be able to contribute in any way to the Foundation. We are counting on your help, are very appreciative and plan to pay it forward.

I am raising my granddaughter and living on social security and a part time job and am hoping once I am better I can get a better job and be able to help new people who continue to come to the website. There are really more and more every day.

This is a worldwide illness and we want everyone to feel welcome here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any and all contributions!!!

God Bless,

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