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Gaining Weight

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Rockin Robin **
12:23:00 AM

Morgellons - Gaining Weight
Donna, Lend Robin your sneakers!

Hello Fellow Community Members,

If you are losing too much weight, I have two suggestions.

One is the Renaissance Whey Powder Shakes from Logos Nutritionals. Make these shakes with almond milk and put a half or whole avocado in them. Tea and I add chocolate cacao powder and you can sweeten it more, if you like, with stevia. They are delicious! Sometimes, I add pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice and cinnamon to the vanilla shake. You also can add small amounts of berries to the shakes to change them up. I guarantee you will gain weight! Just ask Tea, Brian, I and others about this.

I gained 30 unwanted pounds and had to stop putting the avocados in my shakes! Some people gain and some people lose on this diet. I gained. I was just using the shakes as a meal replacement and at the time, did not know I would gain truly works!!

The other suggestion is to make my recipe for pancakes that is in Delicious Dining.
Mel says eat them all the time! He loves them! I sweeten the batter with a little stevia and smother them in Kerrygold butter. I don't even use the Choczero maple syrup. I think they taste great without the syrup, but you can use it if you like. Amazon Prime sales the Choczero products. I only eat them about 3 times a month, I don't need to gain. Plus, I vary all my breakfast meals.

So.....if your losing too much weight or just need to gain, here are two ways to add the pounds.

Here is also a list of my breakfast options:

1. Pan-cooked eggs or scrambled with (2 canadian bacon, or 2 turkey bacon, or 2 Jimmy Dean sausages - log kind and 1/4 cup berries)
2. Renaissance shake - with avocado, & cacao powder, or berries, or pumpkin puree, cinnamon, pumpkin spice & stevia Experiment here with what you like!
3. 2 of my Egg Muffins (in Delicious Dining along with my other breakfasts) & 1/4 cup berries
4. Bowl of Hempmeal (like oatmeal) with stevia and Kerrygold butter and cinnamon. (In Delicious Dining). A few berries can be added.
5. Keto Hot Breakfast (sorta like Maltomeal) stevia, Kerrygold butter, and cinnamon. (Can get it online, Amazon Prime, & Whole Foods Market) A few berries, ok.
6. Scrambled eggs and a full glass of chocolate almond milk sweetened with stevia or same heated as hot chocolate.
7. Pancakes ( My recipe in Delicious Dining) Stevia, cinnamon & Kerrygold butter, Choczero syrup if you like. Along with a choice of meats from #1.

Remember!!! Everything in limitations!!!! I only have 2 of the pancakes in #7, MacDonald size ones, at a time. A cup tp cup & 1/2 of the Hempmeal or Keto Hot Breakfast. You can have 3-4 eggs. Just always remember to count your carbs! You may not want to eat meat with every meal, but remember to treat yourself once in a while at breakfast. I save most meats for supper.

Hope this helps! Call or post if you have questions.

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

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