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Great post!

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9:37:13 AM


Hello All,

Happy Birthday to all the May communityl members!

Sunny days to all of you! Love the post, very informative we really have great people who encourage each other! Mold really seems a big problem with this illness and takes along time to show it’s ugly self.

We live in the South and the humidity it awful plus the rain! Looks like they would build better homes and apartments if I can ever move again that is the first inspection plus treatment and repairs plus I want to live on high ground!

Everything is so hard with this illness, the doctors, home, cars, plus people tell you it is in your mind and it takes along time to overcome all of it and sometimes people don’t!

But thankfully we all have God, Mel, John Robert, all the great companies that help and the people that fund the He Cures All Foundation, without them I would not be able to get well.

Most of my family has passed away and I had to quit work and social security is not enough to cover everything! I feel for everyone how hard this road is,
but we will get well.

God will bless all, plus we are learning so much about our bodies and how thing’s effects us

Our governments don’t care about anything but money and their spoiled lives! I Always Look forward to Saturday’s calls! We always learn something! Thank all for sharing!

Thanks Mel for listening to God through the bird! God has a plan for us.

I am thankful to all that have been healed that come back and share their stories of restoration with us!!!

Love & prayers for all, Nancy