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Tea **

2:05:50 PM
Happy Monday Madness!!

Happy Monday Everyone! Even though it's Tuesday!

I pray all is going well in the start of another week. I am always thinking of ways to keep a positive attitude and to stay focused on the good, so I have decided that we could all do you a Happy Monday madness list:-)

This is us, sharing with others in our community the good in our life & to direct our attention on some things that we are blessed/thankful for. So, let me start by listing a few things that I am thankful for......

1. Jesus
2. All of my Loved ones!!!
3. The He Cures All Foundation (HCAF)
4. Having a roof over my head & Food!!
5. Safety & The Medical Community & Our Law Enforcement

Just naming a few and I know there’s so many more but it’s helping me focus on the good today. I’d appreciate it so much if y’all would join in!!

Have a blessed week!


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