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Happy Post!

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9:05:41 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Mackenzie and Linda and Zee and Dandelion :-)

I'm madly in love with little calico Dandelion. She's just the cutest little button :-).

Of course I am biased as I had the most wonderful, gentle, loving , intelligent calico cat for 18 years .Well, I absolutely adored her and she me. We were inseparable. She never stuck her claws in, she was always gentle, sweet and kind. She didn't have a bad bone in her body. She was a wise, caring and thoughtful little cat. I was very very blessed to have such a great girl for all those years.

So, any time I see a calico I kind of go mushy inside, my heart melts. It's the same with springer spaniels too as Holly is a springer. They are definitely here to love us and they take care of us as much as we take care of them. In fact, I think they take care of us more. The unconditional love they give is priceless.

I was watching Holly look at me last night and she was smiling her golden eyes gently sparkling. Just that look conveyed that she loves me very much. So I smiled back and did a funny wee dance just for her :-). I swear she thinks I'm a bit bonkers ha ha. I tell her it takes one to know one!!!

We listen to beautiful, relaxing piano music together and it chills her as much as it chills me. She's a smart wee cookie, she knows what's good for her.

My cat loved the singer, 'Enya,' she was her favourite. The purrs I would get when I put Enya on ha ha. I can't listen to Enya now without thinking of her wee gorgeous furry face. I still miss her.

So I'm glad Mackenzie that you have the love of two lovely cats and that Zee mothers and nurtures Dandelion which is so sweet.

It's great you have this thread and that you are talking on the calls. We love to hear your voice.

I'm glad you are having a nice summer and a wee break from school. A chance to kick back a little, go swim and have some fun.

Have you been painting recently? It is soo wonderful to have such a talent and to help teach kids art too, is just splendid. Also teaching the kids at Sunday school is great also.

Take care and say hello to Linda too :-).


9:00:53 AM

Morgellons -

I love your thread and its name. "Happy Post!" is such a cute name!

It is great that you were able to get a job for the summer teaching art. It is very nice to be able to work doing something you love to do.

I hope that you are continuing to enjoy your summer. It sounds like you have lots of fun things to do.

It's wonderful that you teach Sunday School to children on Sunday morning. Some of those children will remember you, and some of the things you teach them, for the rest of their lives. You are planting lots of seeds in their little hearts!

It's always lovely to hear you on the calls, so I hope you will continue to come when you can. It's also lovely that you are posting. I hope you will continue to keep us updated on what you are doing.

Your little kitten, Zee, is very adorable. Zee reminds me of a calico kitten that my daughter bought from an animal adoption fair when she was a little girl. My daughter named her kitten Sweetpea. She was a smart kitten and grew up to be a very smart cat, just as I know Zee will :-)

1 John 1:5 (NIV)
This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all.

God bless,

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