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Hello Norma

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10:53:56 AM

Morgellons - Is that you, Tea?
Is that you, Tea?

Hi Norma.

Welcome & so glad you are here. I know you have been told so much great information about this community and it is such a blessing that you and your daughter are reaching out and connecting.

Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out and ask questions or to just simply share your journey. What’s so great is that because thru this all we are learning and being supportive to one another’s challenges. Finding this anywhere else is hard to find!

Again, we all want to welcome you!! Know that you are right right where God wants you to be!


9:32:28 AM

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Dear Norma,

Welcome to you and your daughter Karon.

I'm sorry you both have this disease, but I'm happy you both found us. I think we are led here by God and our Prayers have been heard and answered. I agree with you, it isn't a coincidence!

And yes, not to be alone in this weird illness makes a huge difference!!! I'm glad you both have each other and it's sooo good you now have our wider community as well:-).

Such a wealth of knowledge in this website. Just read all you can. And the good thing is you can share the knowledge with each other, half the work, half the reading:-).

I'm glad you both reached out to Mel and are posting here. We all want to help you both best we can.

The Saturday Conference calls are a great source of knowledge. And Sunday Prayer is a lovely time to come together in worship and fellowship. It allows us to get to know each other and support each other better too.

Take care,

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