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Hello to all in UK and Europe

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Chrissie **
7:45:36 AM

Morgellons - Hello to all in UK and Europe

I just want to say hello to anyone who is reading this from the UK and Europe. As you know I am from Scotland and the community ,website ,conference calls ,HCAF,well it has all been a lifeline for me !!! It doesnt matter where you are in the world ,reach out !!!

You dont have to be alone !! The community and support is for everyone!! Join the website and read ,read and read everything you can! It is the best website on the web re toxic disease . For five dollars a month it's worth every single cent :-).

Come to the free conference call on a Saturday to learn all you can to help re your healing journey .And come for Sunday prayer and fellowship too,it's a much needed spiritual respite and communion with others who understand what you are going through .

You can also get one on one coaching from Mel.It Is very reasonably priced .He has amassed a ton of knowledge in his many years helping people with this disease. And he will keep you on the straight and narrow and make you laugh too.

We are all in the same boat .This disease sadly affects people all over the world. We all need to be held up in our times of need ,supported ,educated on how to heal and encouraged in our healing journey.

Join and take part today ,we are here with open arms .We will listen ,we will help and we do care what you are going through . Because we know how difficult this disease is . Don't battle on alone when you can get the help .

Love Chrissie

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