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9:01:26 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone,

Enjoyed Sunday’s call very much.

We all welcome to the newbie’s! Saw we have a mother Norma, Karon her daughter. It is great that you have each other to talk to.
Without our calls and friends we make here most of us wouldn’t have anyone that would understand how we feel! Mel has done a great job on my husband he seems to understand more.

We are in our 70’s and he went back to work full time when I had to quit.

I Hope and pray that sweet little doggie in Scotland is feeling a lot better!

Tia I hate it when you have a migraine I use to have them but not anymore the only thing I could do was go and lay down in a dark room!

Time to start making pumpkin spice drinks and pancakes!

Praying for all and that God is looking out for us without God it would be a ruff road.

We have to get our oldies back on our calls miss them.

Good Night

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