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Karen (the Librarian)

9:56:16 PM

Ok you folks, here's a game to play
By May 15, that's the day:

Make a guess 'bout the weight of that pretentious fish,
in pounds or grams, which ever you wish!

Yucko yuck, Mel you've got it between your lips!
Hey hey, better hold it tight before it flips...
Outta your mouth on to the dinner plate...
Icky ick, 'tis still there, there in its mouth is the fishing bait!

Thank you no! Don't want it for lunch!
There 's just too much of a crunchy crunch!

Now, it's time to stop just goofin' around---
Enter your guess - be it gram or pound!

I'll be the first to make a guess,
on the weight of this capricious fish:
- so hear ye, hear ye, I'd like to announce:
the fish may weigh 1 pound and an ounce!

So listen up! Don't wait too long, just be clever,
This ridiculous contest won't last forever!!

(well actually it is a very FUN contest -- I just needed a word that had 4 syllables. )

Rockin Robin

2:51:34 PM

Here Ye, Here Ye NEW CONTEST !!!!!

YES !!!!! Our dear Mel has comprised a new contest for us and I am truly excited about it and the prizes!!!!!

If you have not seen the picture of the fish in Mel's mouth already, he is going to post it with this post. The contest is to guess how much the fish in his mouth weighs!!!

How easy is that? No talent needed, just a simple guess!!! Mel says you don't have to enter until the contest!!

You fishermen and fisherwomen might have the jump on us, but we women buy fish at the market by the pound!!!

So....anyone's guess is good and could win!!! The contest will be May the 15th during the Sat. call " COFFEE, TEA, WITH/MEA".
The very day Tea presents her call on Essential Oils!!

There could be several winners and the prizes will be 6 essential oils of your choosing from Natural Ginesis!!!!!

WOW!!! I would love to win those!!! I've already got a few that I love!

Prize is provided through the HCAF.

So....EVERYONE can enter this contest!!!
NO excuses, make a guess!! Free is always Fabulous!!!

Don't be late, mark the date!!
Share the spoils, win some oils!!
There's no fee, it's absolutely free!!
Don't be a sis, can't miss this!!

I'm so excited, hope you are!!!

Rockin Robin

P.S. In my post about Tea's call on essential oils, I listed May the 14th, but the date is May the 15th !! My mistake, just wanted to correct it !!

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