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9:08:50 AM

Chrissie and Joe.

Thank you for your encouraging and extremely educational posts. Chrissie I love that you are so knowledgable about different teas. They all sound so helpful and so tasty.

Joe you are a wealth of knowledge in so many ways especially when it comes to nutrition. I have heard so much about the plant based diet. So many people I've talked to sing its praises including my primary RT y dr. and new chiropractor.

I've always felt like I need the protein free from meat to not feel weak. It is definitely time to look into it.

Rockin Robin

4:10:19 PM

Dear Chrissie,

What a wonderful post on the Herxeimer Reaction! So much really great advice! So well thought out and helpful!

I also loved that you mentioned the healing and herbal teas! I too listed some in a recent post. You mentioned one I forgot, the Nettle Tea! It's great! And, I can't wait to try some new ones you mentioned that I am not familiar with at all!

So... thank you for posting and for caring and for all the wonderful advice!!

Love & Hugs Dear Sweet Sister,
Rockin Robin

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