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6:45:59 AM

Hi Karen,

This is very interesting and you are a great teacher. Your post made this whole issue of biofilm interesting and understandable. I appreciate all the time you take to break this whole process down and encourage us to keep going. It describes exactly what happened to me 12 years ago.

Yesterday I felt better than I have in I don't know how long so I'm guessing the diet and the supplements are really playing a huge part. Everything is making more sense as I read and listen and I thank you.

Also getting more sleep really helps. I've noticed a huge difference there as well.


4:52:02 PM

Hello Everybody,

As many of you know, I'm in the 90% club, but that last 10% is taking me quite a long time. I believe this is due to biofilm's last stand. I'm making progress...but it's slow and arduous. These pathogens want to they get aggressive and fight back at the end...a lot.

But guess what? I want to "live" too...and by that I mean a life without this hellish disease, so...I'm right back at 'em with all my weapons.

Because of this, I decided to bring this older post forward to review the topic of biofilm (scroll to the bottom). As usual, it's pretty wordy (sorry)...but I think it has some useful information for any of you who might be dealing with the same thing.

We do have a weapon for biofilm...and that is Magnifizyme. Magnifizyme has serrapeptase in it which I envision to be like slow insidious torture for biofilm. It will chip away at the biofilm and once that's released into our systems, we can "nuke" the released pathogens with our "killers" (my term) which are WPS, Olive Leaf Extract, MSM, and Monolaurin (extension kit items).

Magnifizyme isn't an overnight fix...but it sure does get the job done over don't leave it'll help you for sure!

Stay strong!



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