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12:12:11 PM

Dear Raji ,

I can understand your utter frustration and confusion at you getting this terrible disease ,yet you ate and drank very healthily for most of your life .It is perplexing .One thing however stands out in your post ,that you had a long standing candida issue on your feet .Many of us had candida issues before we got this , so it may be that .

However ,it is quite simply impossible for us to know exactly why us ,though in the beginning we all go through that confusion absolutely. Main thing though, is that you are here now, thank goodness and that you really have a heads start ,as you are so clued up on diet and plenty of water.So that's half the battle right there !!!

Rest assured as the ,"sum of the parts," is a most wonderful synergy of diet, rest ,water, herbs and nutrients etc that will get you well .Read all that you can on the website and keep coming to the conference calls and get coaching from Mel if you are able to. It will all keep you on track .

One thing its important to know is that it will take time to build up your bio-terrain from the inside out So, be gentle on yourself and just know that with perseverance you can and you will get there!

Take care,

10:35:41 AM

Hi Raji,

You are in a great place.

I agree with Robin, your friend is probably not cured. I thought I was as well but wasn’t and they came back with a vengeance! I was so so sick and never want to be there again so I finally decided to start the protocol and unlimited coaching with Mel.

It is a process that is difficult to follow unless you speak with Mel. He will get you started and will help guide you through each step. He’s such a savior!

He save my life! I am well on my way to recovery!

Please let us know if you have any questions.
We are all here for you girlfriend!

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