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Dear All,

I know it has been a few weeks since this conference call but these calls are timeless and also extremely precious!

I urge anyone who hasn't listened to the Call from 04/11/20 to do so :-).

I agree wholeheartedly with Freddie, Linda and Ruth Ann just how important these calls are.

This call in particular was such an excellent idea by our very own Mel who in the space of a few days thought it up, rallied together all the troops and seamlessly brought it all together. You go Mel!!!!!:-).

The call brought together 11 warriors from the past and the present and some who will be healing into the future.

James was there which was extremely pertinent as he was the fourth person Mel helped on the website, well over a decade ago. He said that finding Mel was a, 'godsend.' At the time he was going to school and had a job and was still able to heal himself re the protocol. He went on to train as a registered nurse. He felt that the protocol gave him a, 'rebirth,' like he was, 'born again.' This is because through building his health up, he felt better after he got sick than he did before. Mel encouraged him to be brave. He said to listeners that through prayers, patience and following the protocol... it worked!!! He keeps healthy nowadays by keeping up the basic protocol.

Mel said to James, " well we are all here because of a 40lb Red Tailed Hawk who talks." Love it!! :-).

Next on the call was Ruth from England. She was the first person that Mel helped in Europe and she comes back when she can to encourage others. She said that God answered her prayers when Mel phoned her!! Ruth said the forum helped tremendously also, she read it an hour every day for six weeks to acclimatise herself with everything. She encouraged people from the UK to get the protocol from Logos shipped to them and to get Sovereign Silver too!

Monica came on and It was personally wonderful to hear her. I had followed her journey religiously when majorly struggling before I had properly joined the community. She and her journey and her words and experience and knowledge and faith had been a crutch for me back then. To hear her talk I was bowled over!!! I used to say to myself, "what would Monica do?" That's how much reading her journey had meant to me.

Monica stated emphatically that Mel and John had given her the tools to save her life!! She said she couldn't imagine her life without the knowledge she has now. She stated that she's happy that her journey helped so many people :-). She said she also needed to journal for her own journey to learn and grow psychologically and spiritually. She said that the whole healing journey makes you question how much you love yourself. You learn to eat healthily. You realise how much you want to live. By taking herbs, food supplements etc, she said you learn to Love yourself every day!!! Powerful sentiments indeed from Monica.

Our very own Cheryl came on the call. Cheryl with her gentle, intelligent and thoughtful ways, stated that for her James is a, 'symbol of hope.' That his posts have always been important to her. They encourage her to keep going in her healing journey and to never give up.

It was so nice to hear everybody!!!!!!

Deborah and Carrie (mother and daughter) came on. Deborah said that scriptures say,"pain in the night, but joy in the morning." That through the consistent and persistent working at the, 'sum of the parts,' and cleaning the bioterrain, they both healed.

Carrie said that as a child it was hard to take meds. But she survived by listening to parents, trusting in God and listening to Uncle Mel :-). She said Mel has got, 'good advice.'

Mary came in and stated that Mel is fearless and we all owe so much to him. In 2014 Mary got Morgellons. Her name in the forum was Mary the canonite woman. At the time she was the mother of a ten year old. She said the protocol woke her up and that she didn't cheat.

Mel said it depends on how much people love life, if they love it, they work at their healing and follow the protocol.

Donna said that God led her to Mels website. It was the right place for her absolutely. She urged people to follow the protocol and said that coaching with Mel really helped her along her healing journey . Donna read other people's journeys like Mary's. Her friendships with friends on the site also encouraged and helped her along the way.

Peter came on and said the protocol really works! He is now a healthy 67 year old who works with seniors in a community centre . God allowed him to heal through the protocol. He said that Mel delivers Hope and that God comes and walks us through our healing journey. I know that Peters healing journey on the website has helped many a person through the years also :-).

Leslie who is almost completely healed now stated that past warriors gave her Hope!! She encouraged people in their healing journey to be bold, brave, get coaching and listen to Mel even If he has his hockey stick out :-).

Kelly said that Monica was her Rock Star!!!! Your not alone there Kelly! She said that many people in this community are Angels and that we are all incredibly lucky to have found this site.She said there are ups and downs in the journey but that setbacks get shorter and shorter. Finally, one day Mel tells us we can do the Happy Dance!!! :-).

Aunt Laura said she was thrilled to be on the call, able to lift the spirits of people listening. She stated that it takes time but don't give up. Have Hope. Believe it!!! Research the protocol, get the knowledge, good food and start your own healing journey. Aunt Laura emphasised to everyone 'YOU CAN DO THIS.'

Well my friends, I was one of the eleven warriors past, present and future. But I cannot tell you what I said on the call. I know I was tickled pink to speak to Monica and loving hearing everybody on there. However, I cannot go back and listen to ma wee squeaky Scottish voice on the recordings. Ha ha, you will just have to listen for yourselves :-).

Thanks ever so much for slotting that call together Mel, like an amazing, multicoloured jigsaw puzzle. Pieces coming in from all over the globe, but in the end fitting perfectly together!!

God bless everyone who came on the call and shared their individual journeys.


Coffee, Tea with Me 04/11/20
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