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I love life again

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10:32:06 AM

Morgellons - Did you know, my Donkeys name was Mellie
Did you know, my Donkeys name was Mellie

Hi Freddie,

I love the picture of you as a wee girl and the donkey :-).

It's really good that you are feeling so well on the protocol and the, 'sum of the parts'!!

To have your energy back is such a wonderful thing!

It's so good for others who are just beginning their journey to read from others like yourself, who are further along the road to wellness.

I agree, this is such a great community, it helps us all tremendously.

No one needs to be alone whilst suffering this disease. I urge anyone who's unsure about reaching out to us, please do!!

We welcome all with open arms.

Meanwhile, keep on keeping on Freddie, as Mel says :-)


Freddie Bean
10:31:44 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Linda

Thank you for your kind words.

I wish I could go back to those carefree days when that photo was taken :)

Oh yes the diet is so VERY important, we are so very lucky that Mel worked this out for us, so I am virtually itchy, bump, crawling free but I know by my other issues like joint pain and memory problems that I still have a way to go but getting to where I am now is fantastic.

Today I had two hospital appointments and the one specialist mentioned my two stays in hospital a year ago, I had to ask him what I was in for! He said what it was but I cannot remember those two stays, he knows about all my memory issues from way back but unfortunately doesn't accept Morgellons which is fine... I told him this before... that it is not his remit and I would deal with this issue myself :) anyway all my other health issues are all good. So my memory isn't quite up and working properly yet. My next appointment was with a Neurologist my yearly check up of course we all know what the problem is (now) but they don't! I did think about cancelling this appointment but thought no I will ask about Lyme's and what I went through back in 1997 before I could say much she wrote out a blood form for me to have the Lyme's test, I know it isn't going to make any difference other than if it comes back positive to the Lyme's it might over ride some of the stuff on my notes but to tell you the truth I don't really care, what will be will be, I feel so well nothing is going to faze me now :)

I have always fought for what is right when it came to my health, I learnt from quite a young age that doctors do not always know best, you need to listen to your body and go with what it is telling you, I always remember a specialist saying to a trainee..."listen to your patient they will tell you what is going on with their body" he was so right, he later became a Professor, only wish he practised in the field that would help us :)

Freddie x

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