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5:12:31 PM

Hi Miles,

I’m so sorry for your frustrations, and let me say I can completely agree and most of us, if not all of us has been exactly where you are.

It’s ok, to not be ok. It’s ok at times to vent because it gets our frustrations out and off our chest so that it doesn’t pile up. What’s most important is how we pick up and keep moving so that we don’t have to stay there.

I know this is so completely challenging, but we have what we need, we just have to press through.

I know this seems to be at times the highest mountain or it’s the most challenging battle, but please change your vision on the size of your battle or mountain, and focus on what you want to see.

Know your God is bigger, and because of Him you’ll be stronger, and you will get through this, just don’t give up hope.

And as your perspective changes among all your challenges, taking a few at a time, you’ll begin to start focusing on the good. The good of right where you are today and the good that’s even better to come.

Miles don’t let your joy be stolen, I know you can fight for it, just keep pushing through knowing you and your little one will get better!

Prayers to you & your sweet one.
Stay Strong & Keep pushing through.


Rockin Robin

2:28:39 PM

Dear Miles,

I read your post and I truly understand and commiserate with you! We've all been there more times than we can count! I looked for someone to blame, but alas there was no one I could pinpoint to put the blame on.

Yes, I got mad, frustrated, and cried lots of tears, especially when the symptoms were bad and when it felt hopeless and I found no help.

But, reality is, no matter how we got it or why, WE HAVE IT!
A sad but true fact! I don't look at the past anymore or my past life. I finally had to realize I had to concentrate only on the present, no matter how awful it is! All of my energy has to go to getting well !!

Regretting only brings heartache, hurts and depression which in turn can feed the disease and make you worse.

I know it is hard, buddy, most of us have been there, not once but several times!

The good news is this disease is curable!! Think about your life and what it would be like if it wasn't and you continued to get sicker, and sicker with the symptoms getting worse.

We have Mel and this community for support and Mel has the means and methods to help get us well!! Hallelujah!!!

Be grateful for that blessing. I know you are!!!

I try to get back at the disease daily!! It is my revenge!! Ex.
......I followed the diet perfectly today so take that MD! Today I took all my medicine on time and did it perfectly! Take that MD! Each day that passes, I'm getting closer to the day you will be gone MD-HAHAHAHA!!!!! God is on my side not yours MD!!!!! The victory is mine!!! I will have the last laugh at you MD and Lyme!!!!!!!

Take one day at a time, and count each one a victory!!

I hope this helps in some small way Miles, we do love and care about you!!! You will get better! Don't give up, stay strong!! WE have your back!!! Hang in there!!!

In HIs Love,
Your Christian Sis,
Hugs, Rockin Robin

P.S. Sometimes we just need to vent!!! We understand!!!

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