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In loving memory of Dr. Rashid Buttar

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8:31:01 AM

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Hear his video @ 1:05mins., long C-19 or TI? Dr. Buttar helped many.

Im sure he did NOT get the vaccine, I find shedding almost unbelievable till I got CDB { cross domain bacteria ] aka Morgellons.

Chris, I dont think you were still on call when I wanted to answer your question as I just saw summit that talked about that.

* If you give love & kindness to others it sooths your mind where that Love & kindness comes back to you.

I spoke to a woman who gave up her problems to God almighty regarding CDB & healed 90%, the body follows the mind.

Kathrine could find help on her rash w/ Genamicin .1% cream ,yes its a script from Derm.

I hope I didn't hog the call to much.

Sunday Blessing early-don