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9:24:28 AM

Morgellons -

Hello to Everyone,

I just want to say a special thanks to Robert Scott Bell !!
Wow what a wonderful call we had Saturday with Robert, So much information and encouragement ,not only for our journey To recover our health but also for the spiritual side of us that is equally important..

It's been difficult with this disease and all the other things we are
Working to get through as well, the emotional and mental side of
This can be very challenging.

I'm so grateful for the Dedicated people that go the extra mile to take your hand and help You to focus on what's important and reach for the goal of restored Health and all that means .

A huge thank you to Mel , John B. Robert Scott Bell and sovereign
Seth and his team for all the support and guidance they offer to Mind , Soul , And Body , last but not least thank you to Kathy at Kleen
From Kleen Green All of which contribute so much to our Recovery...

I am so thankful also to Mel and the precious people Who support the HCAF that makes it possible for those of us who Could not get well without it ..
Thank You !! May God Bless each one of you for all you do !!!

Also it was a really good time of prayer and fellowship This morning , so enjoyable!!! Thanks to everyone for they're Prayers and God's wonderful words for his own !!!

Don't forget what Robert said Saturday, God has given you the
Power to overcome anything and All things are possible to them
To them that Believe !!

What a wonderful promise from our Heavenly Father .. Just only Believe !!!

I just want to share a song with all that helps me to remember If God be for us who can be against us !! Amen !!!

Hope everyone has a good day and you know God is ever present
In our time of need !! Blessings!!!

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